Friday, February 25, 2011

Mother Jones on Unions

This is a good article linking the economic decadence and income inequality I've so lamented in the US with the decline of union power over the past few decades. It's yet another reminder (as if we needed more) that big business does not operate to suit the interests of the working class, but rather the interests of shareholders. When there is no brake on this tendency to cater to the owning class, both the economy and politics end up hurting most of the population, and you end up with the oligarchic mess we've got today in the US.

The article is a propos of the Wisconsin governor's recent union-busting antics. I don't like the means Democratic Senators in Wisconsin have used to block the governor's regressive law, because it sets a precedent for obstructionism that Republicans can and will use in the future (think the health care debates last year in the US Congress). But nevertheless, it's nice to see politicians taking a stand for labor. I haven't seen much of that in my Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush lifetime.

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