Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colombia rural: razones para la esperanza

The UNDP recently released a report on rural Colombia. It has a lot of interesting findings (among them that Colombia's population is 31% rural as opposed to the accepted figure of 25%), and refocuses attention on the importance of supporting rural livelihoods to advance development and peace in Colombia. I've just read summaries, such as this one by the author of the report (Called "Colombia rural: razones para la esperanza"), but I look forward to reading the whole thing. Essentially it discusses a structural crisis in rural Colombia, based on inequality, lack of access to land, inefficient production systems, and isolation from the State and markets. These conditions fuel and are worsened by the armed conflict. The report advocates a Transformative Rural Reform that improves the profitability and lessens the environmental impact of farming, increases institutional presence and controls armed conflict, and most importantly that changes the unjust, inefficient structure of land ownership. Without such a reform, Colombia can never advance economically or socially.

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