Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third World Green Daddy 24: our dog

We have a dog, and it actually lives in our apartment in Bogota. This was not exactly a free decision on our part--a family tragedy left us with a relative's dog, and we've been taking care of it since. It is a nice dog--a golden retriever that is relatively well-behaved. Nevertheless, I don't think animals belong inside houses. It would be different if we had a farm or a yard he could live in, but we don't, so basically we've all got to deal with his copious hair everywhere. It's especially tough on my allergies, though it seems I'm becoming resistant to them.

My son loves the dog. He yanks its fur, chases it around, gives it food from the table. I guess the dog is a good companion for him, and for the other members of our household, too. This household now includes my wife, my son, me, two teenagers, the dog, and for part of every week a live-in babysitter (which I'll discuss in another post).

Anyway, for the foreseeable future the dog will be staying with us. We hire a guy to walk it early in the morning. This guy and his siblings have a dog training school. They're really serious about it, with a well-designed website and everything. I think they aspire to be a Colombian version of the Dog Whisperer.

Here is a video they posted on their website of their well-behaved charges eating Christmas dinner. It's pretty ridiculous. Our dog is the golden retriever at the lower right-hand corner.

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  1. Yo estaba sorprendida de lo bien que se porta Simbad pero luego poco a poco Manu fue explicándome que el golden de nuestra casa es el que tiene los ojos casi tapados y luego decide pasarse debajo dela mesa. Caro