Friday, September 20, 2013

Interesting thoughts from the Pope

My family and I have been in Washington, DC looking for an apartment and the start of a new job, a new life.  Usually when I write my blog posts I feel that I have some insight or have found out about something that other people may not have been exposed to, and I want to share with others.  I guess that my perch from a small town in Colombia allows me to feel like an in-the-know hermit, partly because the simplicity of our day-to-day life lets me filter out extraneous background noise.  To the contrary, being a new arrival to Washington makes me feel like an insignificant, clueless twit, and so I haven't been very motivated to write.  I will howeber share some articles that I've found interesting lately.  This one from the NYT is a brief summary of some quotes from the Pope, to the effect that he wishes to focus on the call of the Church to love and help our fellow human beings, before judging and berating them.  I feel like this is an appropriate direction for the Church to take after many years of doctrinal squabbles.

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