Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Noahpinion blog

My cousin just shared this blog post with me, about the difference between "tribal reality", or the perpetuation of myths by a group for the sake of its members' own sense of group cohesion, and "extant reality", or the objective reality surrounding us.  I often find myself torn between sympathy for those who would elevate objective observation of reality above all else (read scientists and modern rational thinkers), and sympathy for a distinctly pre-modern, "tribal" sense of reality that gives deep meaning to us humans, as well as assuring some degree of ecological and social sustainability to our societies by the wisdom acquired through centuries of groupthink. 

At any rate, I am thankful to my cousin for sharing this blog with me.  It's called Noahpinion, and deals with the diverse thinking and views of a behavioral finance professor.  He covers lots of economics topics, but also more personal reflections on things like depression or Western civilization.  I also particularly liked his call for everyone to be more respectful to one another and to define all work and all people (not just prestigious jobs and people) as dignified and worthy of our admiration and respect.  I believe firmly in such a respectful attitude, though admittedly my recent entry into the ranks of people who are somewhat decently paid and respected has perhaps eroded the respect I pay to others who now find themselves below me in society's pecking order.  This blog post is a call to attention so I don't slide further down that path.

I will probably not follow Noahpinion in the future, simply because I don't have much time anymore to keep up with other bloggers.  But if you've got some time, you should definitely check him out.

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