Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And to top it off...

Follow-up to my post on the Central American child refugee crisis: 

Most of the media coverage I'm hearing on the radio still seems to consider that tens of thousands of children seeking asylum in the US somehow simply got lost on their way to school, and should be sent back home post haste.  Their parents should also be reminded that sending their children alone on a three-thousand-mile journey could be dangerous, and that they should think more carefully about it before doing so again, as if the parents had taken such a decision on a capricious whim.  Accordingly, lawmakers across the political spectrum are treating it like a technical problem:  "We've got to figure out the most efficient way to get these kids out of the US and safely back home to the Central American murder belt as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, various prominent Colombians are "seeking asylum" in the US and elsewhere after being submitted to due process and being convicted of massive fraud and other abuses of their public positions.

What a world!

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