Saturday, May 14, 2016

Another special day I forgot to mention

For those of you who don't know, May 6 was International Affairs Day in the US.  My understanding is that this day is dedicated to the diplomats who represent our country abroad.  Like the military, they are called to leave the familiar surroundings of their mother country and work for the greater good of that country in far-off lands.  They are often assigned to the same dangerous places as are soldiers, but diplomats don't get a gun to defend themselves! 

Anyway, it's too late for the formal celebration, but if you have a chance, go out and thank a diplomat.  I've met a few in my life, and they are admirable in that they are often quite ordinary people, even doing ordinary things like office work and admin stuff, but in extraordinary settings and circumstances.  I'm sure it can be a very rewarding job, but also demanding and difficult.  If you don't know any diplomats personally, at least check out the State Department's or USAID's website and learn about what they are doing. 

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