Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Afro-American Gardens

Here is a cool article from the New York Times that my cousin sent me.  It is about efforts by different people in a corner of Louisiana to revive black cultural practices of gardening and cooking, in part by inviting young kids to demonstration gardens of heirloom crops.  Such projects have a lot in common with the Muisca Garden project I help coordinate, where we try to recover ancestral seeds and farming practices in our region of the Andes.  I wish these Louisianians luck, especially because the US today has far too many people, black and white, who would improve their lives greatly by becoming more autonomous in their food production, but who would never consider gardening or moving to the country because of silly, counter-productive cultural stigmas attached to farming.  In a future of increasing scarcity and hardship, it would behoove us all to drop this stupid reluctance to work with our hands and grow our own food.

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