Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sustainable development in rural China

This is an interesting article on some peasants' efforts to create thriving, ecologically-sound communities in rural China.  I have seen similar developments in parts of Colombia, where poor peasants with little formal education pursue innovative ideas to make life better in their areas.  This flies in the face of the common caricature of sustainable agriculture's being the realm only of naive wealthy urbanites or something.  Many farmers are seeing up close that conventional, chemical-intensive agriculture, coupled with an urban-centered consumerist model of economic development, leaves their homelands poor, undignified, sick, and depopulated.  They don't need bourgeois illusions of quaint pre-modern farm life to convince them that agriculture must change.  They see the need for change every day, and it is a good thing that many are thinking and acting to realize that change.

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