Monday, August 11, 2014

Caribbean articles

Here are two interesting articles on the Caribbean.  One is on the rich cultural and intellectual history of the region, especially in its writers and political leaders.  The article makes the point that by subscribing to caricatures of places like the Caribbean instead of being alert to their nuance and human wealth, the rest of the world impoverishes itself.  It's an observation I've often shared as I've come to know Colombia or other exotic developing countries.  Far from being monochromatic lands of uninspired poverty or static, idiosyncratic folklore, every place I've gotten to know in my life has surprised me with the unexpected diversity of thought, of attitude, of personalities, and even of values among the people I meet.  You miss out on this if you just assume that an entire population conforms to the two or three most salient stereotypes of a given place or race.

The second article talks about the importance of the Kreyol language in making Haitian society more educated and more inclusive.

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