Monday, October 27, 2014

Food in the news

Quite a few longer-format news sources have covered food lately.  There's been National Geographic with its series on feeding the world all this year, and recently a [rather weak] Time magazine that had home cooking as its cover story.  Now I see that the NYT magazine devoted an issue to food.  From that issue, I only got to see this photo essay on what kids eat for breakfast in different parts of the world.  I am proud of my sons for their relatively grown-up eating habits.  They aren't quite as adventurous as the Japanese girl eating pickled fish and fermented sludge for breakfast, but we don't do a whole lot of processed starches or sugars.  Certainly none of the squeeze-suck organic astronaut mush that is the latest craze among a particular demographic of well-to-do parents, which reminds my wife of low-grade jam sold in the same type of plastic envelope in Colombia.  Our breakfast routine is ever-changing, but usually involves some bread, eggs mixed with rice and/or vegetables, apples and grapes, orange juice, and a homemade but admittedly sweet hot chocolate.  Sort of a middle ground between the European diets shown in the essay with lots of jam and animal products, and the more starchy, fiber-y breakfasts from other parts of the world.  Which about describes Colombia culturally.

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