Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Netflix expanding

I was impressed to read that Netflix is massively expanding in 2016.  About ten years ago, when Netflix was becoming established in the US through its mail-order DVD rental, a friend and I mused on the potential for creating a similar, local service in Madrid, Spain, where delivery would be by bike or motorcycle (in the absence of the highly efficient US postal service).  We obviously never did this, but years later, when Netflix streaming came to Colombia, it was a huge deal for my wife and me.  We could suddenly see a wide range of films (most of them crappy, but a few gems) even in our relatively isolated town.  I liked watching Netflix go from being a successful US business to a truly multinational undertaking.  This latest expansion into 130 countries is a huge step for them.  I'm sure more and more US businesses are realizing that US consumers are just a small part of the potential in the world.  Anyway, I somehow feel personally invested in this growth of Netflix, I guess because its discovery of the larger, vibrant, promising world outside of the US somewhat coincided with my own.

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