Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sequela sequelorum

This is an article about the proliferation of sequels and franchises (especially of the superhero variety) in today's Hollywood.

I have often lamented this surfeit of sequels and superhero movies .  When reading the latest Atlantic article, I was thus hopeful that it might describe a downturn in this trend.  However, while the article does indicate that Hollywood's sequel-heavy model is not bearing as much fruit as studios want, the author's conclusion (I believe a sound one) is not that studios will in response begin to get away from sequels and big-budget franchise movies, but in fact that they are now obligated to double-down, pushing for fewer, even bigger-budget offerings in a gamble to maximize returns.  So it sounds like we're in for many more years of unimaginative, big-budget tripe from Hollywood.

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