Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random articles on human rights in Colombia

This article is from when Uribe was still president. It summarizes the actions of the DAS, Colombia's internal investigation service, who, allegedly following orders from Uribe, illegally stalked and wiretapped various people. Human rights activists, leaders of NGOs, opposition politicians, and even national judges had their mail read, their houses searched and bugged, their conversations listened to, and even received threatening phone messages.

This is an old article from the Wall Street Journal. It alleges ties between the international human rights group Peace Brigades International, and the FARC guerrilla movement of Colombia. A tool of the nexus between right wing politicians and paramilitary groups in Colombia has been painting human rights groups as guerrilla fronts, which justifies discounting human rights concerns. Worst of all, such thinking has been used to justify attacks on peaceful communities that the government claims collaborate with armed groups. This letter to the WSJ from Peace Brigades International denounces the article linking them to armed groups.

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