Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shout-outs to my generous contributors

I want to give a big thanks to all the people that have financed our fundraising effort thus far for the achira experiment in Guayatá, Colombia.  Here are short profiles on a few of our supporters:

Martha Boyd works tirelessly for a local, sustainable food system in Chicago, working with both the Angelic Organics Learning Center and with Advocates for Urban Agriculture.

Nick Heywood is a guru of sensible, considered design of interior spaces, as well as a master discoverer and arbitreur of valuable antiques.  You can catch up with him at his blog, Nickhaus, or check out his wares on his Etsy site.

Adele Wegner is a brilliant writer, poet, and critic, as well as a compassionate, unwielding advocate for people living and struggling with mental illness.

Bonnie Kepplinger is a lifelong editor and educator.  In her retirement she has taken on a number of causes in favor of the homeless in Chicago's Lakeview community, volunteering at, donating to, and advocating for The Night Ministry and Lakeview Pantry, among other places.

Max Cheslow is a professional wine expert and avid hunter.  His hunting of fine wines and fine game has taken him all around the United States and France.

Sean Corbett is an online entrepreneur, having starting innovative websites relating to business creation and the workplace, such as HaveMyShift and ScaleWell.  He is also the first person I have ever known who actually has a compelling, well-designed linkedin page!

Ivan Calderon is a committed teacher in the Chicago Public School system (of which he and I are both proud products), and he knows how to fix a plane from nose to tail.  He also practices archery and helps maintain his local archery range, and is a connoisseur of fine beers and spirits.

I am thrilled that we have convinced such a diverse group of people of the worth of our research.  If you have been thinking of contributing to the campaign, please don't hesitate.  Right now is when we most need an extra push!  And if you have already contributed, please tell others about our experiment--people at your church, your school, your work, anywhere.

And one last note--we finally have all the buckets and strainers we need to carry out starch extraction.  I got them for a quarter of what they'd cost in our provincial area by going to the main wholesale market in central Bogota.  I saved a lot of money for the project, and managed not to get mugged in the meanwhile in this somewhat shady area!

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