Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chicago stands up to bullying

I am very proud of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (who rightly gets a lot of flak for other actions of his) on his brave and defiant stand in favor of Chicago's immigrants.  Ditto for the City Council, which has voted to protect all Chicagoans from draconian federal raids, regardless of people's immigration status.  This clear defense of human rights and human decency, even if it leads to economic or political retaliation, is precisely what's needed right now as Trump's regime begins to test the limits of people's tolerance for authoritarian measures.  All of us need to stand up to show we will not be bullied, nor allow others to be.

Here is another article on the same issue, that gets into more detail as to how much federal funding to Chicago could really be at stake here, and what legal actions might follow from both sides.

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