Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ertharin Cousin

Here is the Wikipedia profile for Ertharin Cousin, the current director of the UN's World Food Program.  I just wanted to share her story, since she is originally from the inner city of Chicago, and even went to my same high school (Go Lane Go!).  Now she is at the head of the leading provider of food aid for humanitarian emergencies.  A large proportion of donors worldwide de facto funnel their money through the WFP in case of an emergency, since they are so good at what they do.  I'm proud of Ms. Cousin as a hometown hero for Chicago.

Postscript:  Just before publishing this post, I learned that Ms. Cousin is soon to be replaced by Trump's new nominee for the post, an ex-governor from South Carolina who has no discernible qualification to run a food aid program other than his much-touted Christian faith.  Which is sort of like nominating me for the Surgeon General of the United States because I've widely read the writings of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

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