Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Different pronunciations in the US

This is a cool series of maps illustrating how people pronounce different words in different regions of the US.  For many of the words, I found myself on the fence between two different regional pronunciations, which seemed typical of the Chicago region in general on many of the maps.  Indeed, Wisconsin and Chicago (as well as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) seem to have some of the oddest, most aberrant pronunciations on some of the words on the maps, as well as being a border zone for the pronuncation of other words.  For the words where my own pronunciation differs widely even from my home region, I attribute the oddity to my father's hailing from Kentucky migrants to Kansas, which left him with a subtle but very distinctive accent that I apparently picked up on.  Oh yeah, and the fact that almost half of Chicago speaks basically a Mississippi dialect also adds in another variable!

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