Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another musical force gone

I was really sorry to hear about Prince's death.  It seems like we've had a lot of real cultural innovators and icons die in the past few years, at least innovators that I grew up with, like Robin Williams, David Bowie, and now Prince.

Here is an article depicting Prince's lesser-known side as an advocate for high-tech jobs for minority youth.  It's funny; I am not particularly interested in technology as such.  I am a pragmatic user, not an enthusiastic tinkerer or aficionado.  But just today I was thinking about how to reverse the outflow of population from Chicago, and particularly our black population, by promoting cutting-edge tech education and employment in the city.  It's odd to read about Prince's similar interest in the subject on the occasion of his death today.

Anyway, over the next few days I'll surely be thinking of this great artist and apparently great advocate for our black youth.

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