Monday, April 1, 2013

Another worthy cause

My friend Chidi is organizing another Indiegogo fundraising campaign, this time with a much more immediate impact than my research project had.  His campaign will help one high-achieving student from a low-income background to attend university (or two students, if they can get the funds together).  This is one example of the type of direct help to worthy young people that we need to replicate all over Chicago and other cities in the US in order to close the gap in wealth and opportunities that plagues our nation.  Helping such students ultimately benefits all of us, for they may have insights into fields like marine biology or psychology that will make life better for someone we know.  This is perhaps the biggest loss that the US or any nation suffers from economic inequality--so many promising, brilliant young people never get the chance to contribute to improving life for the rest of us, because they aren't given the chance to thrive.  By contributing to this campaign, you can assure that at least one student will be given that chance.

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