Monday, April 15, 2013

Hard questions and easy answers about the pope

This is an article detailing a Catholic reporter's investigation of some murky areas of Pope Francis's past, namely how he handled a few sexual abuse scandals, and his role in Argentina's Dirty War.  According to the article, Francis had little to do with (and no authority over) the sex abusing priests, and has no firmly registered political position dating from the Dirty War years.  I don't know much about the Pope's record, and in fact I hardly even know what his detractors are saying.  The reporter's account seems well-researched and frank, though on the other hand his attitude and his professional affiliation (with a Catholic newspaper) don't give the impression of a totally objective observer but rather someone who just wants to confirm his positive impression of the pope.  I hope he's right in his assessment of Francis as a consistently decent, moral, honest man with no major blemish or misstep in his record, though the answers to the reporter's hard questions seem unexpectedly easy.

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