Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pritzker military library

Some years ago my cousin turned me on to podcasts from the Pritzker Military Library.  This library is in Chicago; I would love to visit when I'm once again settled in my hometown.  Anyway, I really enjoy listening to these podcasts in my free time.  They span themes from Emily Dickinson's epistolary romance with a military man, to World War II campaigns in New Guinea.  A recent podcast that has stirred my interest and even changed my thinking about history was about a book called The Dominion of War, which reinterprets US history as the gradual expansion of territorial control over North America.  It challenges the American exceptionalism vision, to present the US as just another example of an expanding empire.  Another cool podcast was about a book called Fair Play dealing with the morality of spying.  As I listened to the author talk about his book, I first lit up upon hearing his Midwestern accent, then was intrigued by the complex case studies he presented of spying, and finally concluded that I am one of those moral simplists that facilely resolves complex questions by an absolute insistence that life is sacred and killing or hurting others is wrong.

Anyway, I hope my readers check out the library's website and maybe listen to a few podcasts.

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