Monday, March 25, 2013

Funny video to promote responsibly-produced products

This is a video a buddy sent me to promote the Rainforest Alliance certification seal.  When you buy products with this seal, you can be sure that they were produced in a responsible way that was good for people, places, and ecosystems.  I know that labelling has its downsides, and some people are skeptical of such labels.  But at least for the Rainforest Alliance, I can vouch for its soundness.  The certifiers really cover all the bases so that products that receive the seal are economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable.  My wife and I have worked with people going through the process, and it is rigorous.

In fact, I am considering applying for Rainforest Alliance certification for a small coffee plantation I'm slowly and erratically setting up on my father-in-law's farm.  I probably won't in the end, just because the area is too small to justify it.  But I have the guidebook and checklist that the Alliance gives to coffee growers to implement sustainable practices, and I'll definitely be following many of its directives.

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