Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reminders of mortality

Recently a judge was killed in Arauca, Colombia. Arauca is where a few months ago a soldier raped a 14-year-old girl and tortured and killed her and her two brothers, also children. The judge handling the case was shot in broad daylight two days ago. The whole thing is horrid, but on top of this, it turns out that the judge went to grammar school with my sister-in-law. It brings home the violence in what we normally consider far-off, wild regions of Colombia.

On an even more local note, my wife Caro saw a gruesome accident today. A public bus, more like a van, somehow lost control and flew about 15 feet from hillside road onto the street below. I believe he and a passenger were killed. Now that we have a car, we don't ride public transport as much as we used to, and usually not in the hillier parts of our city. But it's chilling to think it could have been me, or my wife, or my baby riding that bus.

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