Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYT articles on the Recession and a way out

Here is an article by the usually silly David Brooks, on the redefinition of our morality vis a vis materialism. He argues, citing others, that we in the US will have to rethink our attitudes toward wealth and excess in the coming years.

Here is one by Thomas Friedman denouncing the get rich quick mentality that has plagued US society for the past decades.

I find it odd that these two cheerleaders of consumerist globalization are now criticizing the side effects of the type of suburban, gluttonous lifestyle that they have spent decades promoting. But if this marks a genuine change of heart on their part, I guess it's welcome. The problem is that I don't believe they really see a logical connection between the merciless capitalism and consumerism that they plugged in the past, and the sad state of economic and cultural life in the US today.

And here is a more serious article detailing the simple measures that make for a prosperous society--a focus on national production, welfare, and markets, and a leveling of vast gaps in wealth. It's a shame that such common-sense ideas seem new and odd after decades of voodoo experimental economic thinking.

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