Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pollan vs. Monsanto

This is a video debate between food advocate par excellence Michael Pollan, and the CEO of Monsanto, the leading advocate of an industrial chemical agriculture (Monsanto's roots are in the chemical industry, as are those of most of today's dominant seed companies). There's not much new ground tread here, but I think Pollan says something important. In answer to the moderator's question of what to do if Slow Food-type movements don't work, Pollan responds that we should not employ any single monolithic philosophy to address food security issues. I wish he would have been more explicit by saying that Monsanto's production philosophy is no more guaranteed to provide food security for the world than is Slow Food or any other approach, but anyway, I think he's right. Today's and tomorrow's food and farming need to be trying many different approaches in many different places to make sure that people have enough to eat.

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