Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two articles on cancer

Here are two articles from Nicholas Kristof, from a few months ago. One discusses the Presidential Cancer Panel's report warning about various environmental carcinogens. The report went beyond the mainstream recommendations of personal diligence and screening, to suggest more active personal and policy moves to limit human exposure to carcinogens in things like pesticides and plastics. My household is lucky in that we can find and use non-synthetic products (glass and pottery containers as opposed to plastic, glycerin soap, no makeup, etc.). Nevertheless, I'm always trying to improve the environment for my family, especially for my wife and our unborn child. For instance, the house that we're rehabbing and hoping to move into before 2011 will incorporate garden and livestock space so we can eliminate more pesticides from our food.

Just a month after writing the prior article, Kristof had a cancer scare. Here's his account of it.

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