Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homicide in Chicago

This is an interesting article comparing the different outcomes in homicide reduction in Chicago and New York.  Both cities had a homicide rate of over 30 per 100000 inhabitants in the early 90s, but New York quickly cut this to under 10 per 100000, while Chicago to this day has a homicide rate around 20 per 100000.  The article discusses different urban planning strategies in the two cities, and what effect they had on violence.  It also gives some global context as to urban violence and gangs, and has a convincing argument for considering the former residents of demolished public housing in Chicago as IDPs (internally displaced persons).

If I weren't so busy with other things, gangs and violence in Chicago and the world is a research theme I could really get into, and of course it's very important to me to see my home city flourish and overcome our culture of death and violence.

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